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  • What is “media”?
    Media is the term used for the glass bead mixture. Other terms used are ‘sand’ and ‘abrasive’ but these usually refer to other materials than glass beads.
  • How will I know when the media and water need to be changed?
    Our cabinets are built with an easy-to-use drain system. Inside the cabinet, there is a small piece of pipe sticking out of the drain hole. This allows for the water to be changed and the media reused. For a short answer, the water should be changed out when it becomes cloudy or muddy in appearance. The time to do so will mostly depend on the things being put in your cabinet. The media should be changed approximately every 2 water changes but will also depend on what is being put in your cabinet. The easiest answer is, when your cabinet and it starts to not clean as efficiently, change the media. We offer refill bags in small quantities for your convenience.
  • Do I need to stir up the media before I use the machine?
    No, it is not necessary to stir the media by hand. The best solution is to allow the pump to run for a couple of minutes, without using the cabinet. The pump does a very good job of circulating the water and media slurry on its own. If you have let your cabinet sit for more than a couple of months unused, it may be a good idea to change out the water. Particles left from cleaning could cause the water to be contaminated. Refilling the cabinet with water usually helps with mixing up the settled media also.
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